eBay – Four Software That You Should Not Sell and Buy on eBay

EBay may be the place where you can buy and sell various products whether new or used but eBay also places some limits. When it comes to soft wares, there are four types which you cannot sell on eBay, mainly because it is against the law

خرید و فروش املاک در افغانستان

Before selling any download able media you should first check it your self in order to see that it meets the requirements. Here I’m mentioning a few soft wares that you are not allowed to sell on eBay.

  1. Pirated Soft wares.

You cannot sell pirated soft wares on eBay because piracy is stealing and stealing is against the law. Spotting pirated soft wares online may prove to be a very difficult task but it is not impossible.
They are usually sold at a very low cost and the manual and documentation are also not provided with the purchase. You should also check the Certificate of Authenticity which is a proof that it is genuine.

  1. Educational Soft wares.

You are not allowed to sell educational materials which belong to universities or schools at low prices unless and until you are a licensed educational seller.

  1. Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) Software.

The original equipment manufacture software is given to buyers of new computers. This only comes with new computers and is not allowed to be sold individually.

  1. Beta Software

This is pre-released software, issued by companies for the purpose of testing and getting comments and suggestions on it. Since it is not the final product, companies do not want it to be resold or distributed because it won’t do them any good. This type of software is easy to spot because it has the word Beta written on the CD or you can see it during installation.

It is best that you do not sell or buy these kinds of soft wares due to the risk involved. EBay might shut down your account and buyers may give you a negative feed back if they find out that you are selling illegal products on eBay.